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Christmas Eve Buffet

The Christmas-spirited package includes breakfast and a special Christmas Eve buffet. Lapland Hotels Club points are awarded for your accommodation. Cancellation free of charge until 6 p.m. on the reserved day of arrival.

House malt bread (L), oat flatbread from Oulu (M) and toasted butter (L, G)
Green salad, cranberries and spruce vinaigrette (M, G)
Hot-smoked reindeer, beetroot and rosemary (M, G)
Jerusalem artichoke and Lappish puikula potato salad (M, G)
Mushroom salad á la Oula (L, G)
Beetroot and vegetable salad rosolli á la Oula (M, G), beetroot cream (L, G)
Herring marinated in blackcurrant (M, G)
Smoked vendace from lake Pielinen (M, G)
Salmon dry-cured with bilberry (M, G)
Hot-smoked whitefish with pickled sea buckthorn (M, G)
Terrine of cold-smoked salmon and roe with leek (L, G)
Traditional Finnish Christmas ham, mayonnaise with house mustard (M, G)

Sautéed reindeer (L, G)
Mashed potato (L, G)
Carrot casserole, swede casserole (L, G)
Sugared lingonberries (M, G)
Pickles (M, G)

Spruce shoot tiramisu
Finnish cheeses, fig jam (G) and herb crispbread
Marmalade balls (L, G)
Gingerbread (L)
Coffee, tea, mulled wine (M, G)

A vegetarian option is also available for the main course.

Value of dinner: 52 €/person